Equity MRK
ALMOND  1 KGS DELHI 509.00  ALUMINIUM  1 KGS MUMBAI 152.00  CARDAMOM  1 KGS VANDANMEDU 1,557.50  CASTORSEED  100 KGS DEESA 4,417.00  CHANA  100 KGS DELHI 5,300.00  COPPER  1 KGS MUMBAI 529.20  COTTON  1 BALES RAJKOT 19,320.00  CPO  10 KGS KANDLA 830.10  CRUDEOIL  1 BBL MUMBAI 2,749.00  GOLD  10 GRMS AHMEDABAD 50,699.00  GOLDGUINEA  8 GRMS AHMEDABAD 40,722.00  GOLDM  10 GRMS Ahmedabad 50,699.00  GOLDPETAL  1 GRMS MUMBAI 5,075.00  GUARGUM  100 KGS JODHPUR 6,930.00  GUARSEED  100 KGS JODHPUR 4,200.00  JUTE  100 KGS KOLKATA 6,016.50  KAPAS  20KG RAJKOT 1,059.00  LEAD  1 KGS MUMBAI 149.00  MENTHAOIL  1 KGS CHANDAUSI 1,086.80  NATURALGAS  1 mmBtu HAZIRA 242.00  NICKEL  1 KGS MUMBAI 1,176.90  PEPPER  100 KGS KOCHI 34,500.00  RBDPMOLEIN  10 KGS KANDLA 887.50  REFSOYOIL  10 KGS INDORE 1,027.95  SILVER  1 KGS AHMEDABAD 59,836.00  SILVERM  1 KGS AHMEDABAD 59,836.00  SILVERMIC  1 KGS AHMEDABAD 59,836.00  SUGARMDEL  100 KGS DELHI 3,466.00  SUGARMKOL  100 KGS KOLHAPUR 3,334.00  SUGARSKLP  100 KGS KOLHAPUR 3,275.00  TIN  1 KGS MUMBAI 1,327.75  WHEAT  100 KGS DELHI 1,885.00  ZINC  1 KGS MUMBAI 209.75  

Commodities market has emerged as a separate asset class offering for market-savvy investors, arbitrageurs and speculators to create wealth. Today, Commodities have evolved as the next best option after stocks and bonds for diversifying the portfolio. Systematix aims to harness the immense potential of the Commodities market by providing you a simple yet effective interface, research and knowledge.

Systematix Commodities Services Private Limited is Commodity Broking arm of Systematix Group. Systematix Commodities Private Limited is registered trading cum clearing member of National level Commodity Exchanges, Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), National Commodity and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) & National Spot Exchange Ltd. (NSEL). Significant Trading and Arbitrage opportunities exist for informed players in the commodity future market and Systematix Commodities Private Limited is the right partner for assisting you in Commodity Trading.

Systematix equips you with reliable research, based on a technical and fundamental study of all major commodities. It also continuously works towards recommending various trading strategies which you can use to enhance your commodities trading experience.

Systematix Commodities Services Private Limited also introduces trading in e-Series contracts on National Spot Exchange Platform. e-Series product enables clients to invest in bullion on T+2 basis (Available in Demat as well as Physical form) in smaller denominations.

We also provide Commodity Arbitrage Structured Product for our clients on National Spot Exchange Platform, where clients earn handsome return on their investment.

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Call: 91 22 3029 8048