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Systematix offers currency derivative trading services to all clients on NSE. This credibility allows our clients to participate in the world's fastest-growing industry in financial services - forex. Forex is the largest market in the world: It empowers everyone from central banks to retail investors to potentially see profits from currency fluctuations related to the global economy.

Currency Derivatives have shown phenomenal growth since their introduction, have lower costs and charges compared to equities and commodities, and have lower risk compared to them as well. We trade in a number of currency pairs, like USDINR, EURINR, GBPINR, and JPYINR.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike stocks, futures, or options, currency trading does not take place on a regulated exchange, and it is not controlled by any central governing body. There are no clearing houses to guarantee trades, and there is no arbitration panel to adjudicate disputes. All members trade with each other based on credit agreements. Essentially, business in the largest, most liquid market in the world depends on nothing more than a metaphorical handshake.

The FX market is different from other markets in other unique ways. Traders who think that the EUR/USD might spiral downward can short the pair at will. There is no uptick rule in FX as there is in stocks. There are also no limits on the size of your position (as there are in futures). Thus, in theory, a trader could sell $100 billion worth of currency if they have sufficient capital.

Below given top 3 global cross currency pairs will be available to trade on NSE

  • Euro - US Dollar
  • British Pound – US Dollar
  • US Dollar – Japanese Yen

Yes! Both futures and options contracts will be available for trading.

First currency in the pair is always the base currency and the second is always the quote currency. Ex. While trading EURUSD, price shall quote in USD for 1 Euro

Contracts are quoted, traded in foreign currency however settlement is in cash in Indian Rupees only. Profit/Loss in foreign currency shall be converted to INR using applicable RBI rate for the day. RBI rate shall be available after 12:30 PM before that PNL shall be calculated based on previous day reference rate.

Daily MTM shall be converted to INR based on RBI Reference rate / Exchange rate

  • For EUR/USD & GBP/USD, using USD/INR RBI reference rate
  • For USD/JPY using JPY/INR RBI exchange rate

Final settlement price shall be computed using RBI rate at 12:30 PM on last trading day. For example if RBI rate for USD/INR = 67.7 and EUR/INR =73.5 then EUR/USD rate will be calculated as (EUR/INR)/(USD/INR) i.e 73.50/67.70=1.09.

For futures customer need to pay Initial Margin + Extreme loss margin and for options Initial + Extreme loss margin + Assignment Margin. Please note that Till 2PM of any trading day Margins collected in INR based on previous day RBI rate and post 2 PM Margins collected in INR based on same days RBI rate.


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