Systematix Shares and Stocks (India) Limited provides depository services to investors as a Depository Participant with Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL). Trading in the demat mode is the safer and faster alternative to the physical existence of securities. Dematerialisation of securities provides various benefits like no bad deliveries, no risk of loss, mutilation or theft of share certificates, reduced paper work, fast settlement cycles, pledge of shares, faster transfer and registration of securities, and instant disbursement of non-cash benefits like bonus and rights.

Our customer-centric account schemes have been designed keeping in mind the investment psychology. With a competent team of skilled professionals, we have a dedicated Customer Care centre, exclusively trained to handle queries from our customers. With our country-wide network of branches, you are never far from Systematix Shares and Stocks (India) Limited depository services.

At Systematix Shares and Stocks (India) Limited, our commitment is to provide a complete demat solution which is simple, safe and secure. Your Demat account with us takes care of your depository needs like dematerialization, re-materialisation, transfer and pledging of shares etc. Your demat account is safe and absolutely secure in our hands, every debit instruction is executed only after its authenticity is established.

We also offer you daily updated internet access to your Holding and Transaction Statement.

What We Offer?


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Electronic Credit
against Corporate Actions


Pledging /
Un-pledging of shares


of shares


Re-materialisation of


Monthly statements of
Holdings / Transactions


Updating the account
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Other related services

Depository Scheme

Scheme A Scheme B Scheme C Scheme D Remarks
Charges Smart Trade Scheme(With POA) Smart Investors Scheme HNI Investors Scheme Special IPO Scheme Scheme A with POA for Systematix
Account Opening Charges Nill Nill Nill Nill Stamp Paper Charges Applicable
Account closing Charges Nill Nill Nill Nill ----
Annual Account Maintenance 499/-p.a. 199/-p.a. 399/-p.a. 99/-p.a. Upfront Charges
Market Sale Charges NIL 15 12 25 Per Transaction
Dematerialisation 2/- per Certificate 2/- per Certificate 2/- per Certificate 2/- per Certificate Plus Postal Charges of 25/- per DRF
Rematerialisation 15/- per Certificate 15/- per Certificate 15/- per Certificate 15/- per Certificate CDSL Charges as applicable would be levied
Pledge Creation 0.02% of the value (minimum 25/- per Transaction) 0.02% of the value (minimum 25/- per Transaction) 0.02% of the value (minimum 25/- per Transaction) 0.02% of the value (minimum 25/- per Transaction) ----
Freeze or De-Freeze 25/- 25/- 25/- 25/- Per Request
Off market and /or Inter DP transfer 10/- 15/- 12/- 25/- Per Transaction
Custody Charges NIL NIL NIL NIL ----
Internet access Charges NIL NIL NIL NIL ----
Holding & Transaction Statements Charges Holding & Transaction Statements Charges NIL NIL NIL Every extra statement shall be charges at 20/-


Checklist for opening of DP account with Systematix Shares And Stocks (For Individuals, HUF, Minors & NRIs)



  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of address
  • Bank Statement (last six months)
  • Cancelled cheque with mentioned Name and MICR Code
  • Recent photo of each holder


  • Declaration from HUF regarding details of family along with their name and date of birth
  • Identity and address proof of Karta
  • PAN card of Karta as well as HUF
  • Bank Statement of HUF (last six months)
  • Cancelled cheque of HUF
  • Recent Photo of Karta


  • Proof of Identity (copy of Passport/Driving License)
  • Proof of Foreign address and Indian address (if any). [In the case of an NRI A/c without repatriation, proof of Indian address has to be given]
  • Power of Attorney, if any
  • A declaration duly signed by the NRI to comply with, FEMA Regulations and other applicable Laws
  • Undertaking for whenever there is a change in the Residential address, the BO shall inform the DP
  • Recent photograph of NRI


  • Birth certificate of Minor
  • Proof of Address and Identity documents of the Guardian
  • Recent photo of minor as well as guardian. Guardian shall sign across the photograph of the minor
  • PAN Card of Minor
  • PAN Card of Guardian
  • According to the Hindu Guardians and Wards Act, natural parent only can be the Guardians. In any other event, the Guardian has to be appointed by the Court.

Frequently Asked Questions

A depository is an organization which holds securities (like shares, debentures, bonds, government securities, mutual fund units etc.) of investors in electronic form at the request of the investors through a registered depository participant. It also provides services related to transactions in securities.

It can be compared with a bank, which holds the funds for depositors. A bank - depository analogy is given as follows:

Bank - holds funds in an account
Depository - holds securities in an account

Bank - transfers funds between accounts on the instruction of the account holder
Depository - transfers securities between accounts on the instruction of the BO account holder

Bank - facilitates transfer without having to handle money
Depository - facilitates transfer of ownership without having to handle securities

Bank - facilitates safekeeping of money
Depository - facilitates safekeeping of securities

At present two Depositories viz. National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) are registered with SEBI.

Their addresses are:

National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)
Trade World, A wing, 4th & 5th Floors, Kamala Mills Compound,
Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013
Tel: (022) 2499 4200 (60 lines)
Fax: (022) 24976351
Email: info@nsdl.co.in

Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CSDL)
Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers,
16th Floor, Dalal Street
Mumbai 400001
Phone: 91-22-22723333
Fax: 91-22-22723199/22722072
Email: investors@cdslindia.com

A DP is an agent of the depository through which it interfaces with the investor and provides depository services.

Public financial institutions, scheduled commercial banks, foreign banks operating in India with the approval of the Reserve Bank of India, state financial corporations, custodians, stock-brokers, clearing corporations / clearing houses, NBFCs and registrar to an issue or share transfer agent complying with the requirements prescribed by SEBI can be registered as DP. Banking services can be availed through a bank branch whereas depository services can be availed through a DP.

Dematerialization is the process by which physical certificates of an investor are converted to an equivalent number of securities in electronic form.

Rematerialization is the process of converting securities held in electronic form in a demat account back in physical certificate form.

An RTA is an agent of the issuer. RTA acts as an intermediary between the issuer and depository for providing services such as dematerialization, rematerialization, initial public offers (IPO) and corporate actions.

When securities of a company are held in physical form by an investor, his/ her name is recorded in the books of the company as a 'Registered Owner' of the securities. When physical shares are converted into electronic form, the depository becomes 'Registered owner" in the books of the company and investor's name is removed from books of the company


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