Research & Analysis from Systematix Group
Our Investment Research desk provides fundamental insights and analysis to our clients in the equity, fixed income, currency and commodities markets.
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The Research Team at Systematix Shares and Stocks (India) Limited offers incisive, timely, objective and in-depth research across multiple asset classes. Driven by an in-depth understanding of investments and a deep sense of professional ethics and integrity, the Systematix Wealth Research team provides unbiased advice to our clients. Being present across the entire spectrum of investment services / products, such as equities, derivatives, fixed income products, currencies, mutual funds and commodities, Systematix Wealth Research subjects each security in it’s universe to stringent analytical rigor to arrive at the fair value. We take pride in our philosophy of offering advice which is in the best interest of our clients. Our emphasis on building long-term relationship ensures that we work closely with our clients empowering them to gain from market opportunities.

Our Research Process is structured around the objective of enabling our Wealth Management Team to create winning portfolios for our Clients across diverse assets, capable of delivering superior returns to investors as well as to prevent portfolio erosion in bad times.

The Philosophy and Goal of Systematix Wealth Research is to provide investors with a clear analysis that enables them to take a rational decision towards achieving the desired profit objectives.